Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hello and welcome to Vaughn Road Productions!

Named after the street I grew up on in a small, rural town in Washington State, this is the beginning of a life-long dream.

I have loved television all my life. I watched it as a child, I dreamed of being on it as a teenager, I left home to pursue a career in it as a young adult and now, after success in Hollywood and at the edge of turning 30, I am trying to make my dent in the industry I love.

Vaughn Road Productions is my attempt at doing entertainment my way, alongside some people who inspire me, encourage me and share my vision.

Currently, we produce a highly successful daily web talk show, "Inside Dish with Ross Mathews".

In addition to covering Hollywood from the outside in on a daily basis, Inside Dish is the official web show of the TV show The Insider as well as the official web show of CBS's Big Brother.

Vaughn Road Productions also produces the enormously successful, a multi-daily updated website following all the goings on in my life, from the mundane to the insane.

What's next for us? That's for us to know and YOU to enjoy!

There's much more to come, folks. Promise...